Company Profile

Super Elite is established in 1984 and is the specialized manufacturer for Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touch Screen. Our product series of Resistive Touch Screen is 4 wire, 5 wire, 8 wire, Flat Surface Type, Resistive Multi-Touch, Anti-Reflection Type, Anti-EMI Type and Anti-Fog with Heating Type Touch Screen. Customized designs for special specification requests of Projected Capacitive Touch Screen are welcomed. We also provide high quality Controllers.

In 2015, Super Elite developed the products with big size Projected Capacitive Touch Screen- Full Flat Touch Table, PCAP Model with Advertisement System or Interactive Tour. Laminating technology of large size with the rich advertising software, our PCAP Model is the top choice for advertisement and enlarges the highlight of products to create infinite opportunities of business.

We have strong research and development team and also applied lots of patents in many countries in many years. Our production rules are best quality and technology leading. We get the trust and approval from customers for a long-term. Super Elite is based on continue researching and developing on Touch Panel in these years, and hope every customer could enjoy our high quality products and specialized service attitude.

Company background

1966 SHAUNG KAUNG DECORATION CO.,LTD was established and manufactured Name Plate also provided some materials for special printing.
1984 Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 and engaged in developing and producing membrane switches, flexible circuit board and analog resistive touch device.
1985~1989 Cooperated with research institutes, such as Industrial Research Institute, National Cheng Kung University and Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Successfully developed Flat Surface Type Analog Resistive Touch Panel and began mass production.
1990~1995 Successfully developed Touch Panel for CRT monitor.
Developed the first Touch Panel controller and relative driving software.
Developed controller that to support WINDOWS 3.1.
Started the mass production of CRT Touch Panel.
1996~1999 Developed various of Touch Panel for CRT monitor.
Developed controller that to support WINDOWS 95.
2000~2002 PDA size Touch Panel began mass production.
5 wire Touch Panel with multinational patents began mass production.
Developed high resolution controller to meet the demands of market.
Updated Touch Drivers to support full series of WINDOWS version.
Reliability test:-20 ℃(30min.) to 70 ℃, 85%RH (30min.) is 1 cycle, tested A-grade product more than 100 cycles that the accuracy could still reach over 99%.
2003~2005 Increase new production line to expand capacity.
Develop and produce Touch Panel for 30” LCD monitor.
Develop automobile application product which can work under the environment with 100℃.
Reliability test: -40 ℃(30min.) to 110 ℃, 85%RH (30min.) is 1 cycle, the accuracy of automobile application product could still reach 99% above after testing over 100 cycles.
2007~2011 Developed Anti-reflection Touch Panel that can be easy reading under the sunlight.
Developed Resistive Multi-Touch.
Touch Panel combines with Clear Hearter to be 2-in-1 product.
Developed controllers that are for Resistive Multi-Touch Panel exclusive use.
Developed Projected Capacitive Touch Screen.
2012~2013 Developed Projected Capacitive Touch Screen. (Structure: Glass / Film)
Developed Projected Capacitive Touch Screen. (Structure: OGS)
2014~2017 Developed Full Flat Touch Table.
Developed medium and big size of PCAP Module.


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product service

  • 4 Wire, 5 Wire, 8 Wire and Multi-Touch type Touch Panel (Touch Screen)---Custom-design is available. We could design touch panel by different material matches for customer`s request and price depends on material.
  • Because we have a large varity of size, unable to list in detail, if the size isn't suit for you, please contact us
  • The latest product of Super Elite. Automobile Touch Panel (Touch Screen),it is highly above 100 cycles for Thermal shock -40℃~ 110℃ testing.
  • EL Lamp & Clear Heater Products

Touch Panel Manufacturer

Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Touch Panel Manufacturer in Taiwan, producing high quality Touch Screen Panel for automobile use. We provide 4 Wire Touch Panel and 5 Wire Touch Panel. High quality product, competitive price and prompt delivery are our prime goal because we are customer-oriented company. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for good Touch Screen Monitor Supplier. Main Product: