Resistive Multi-Touch
Resistive Multi-Touch

Resistive Multi-Touch

Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Multi-Touch in Taiwan and has devoted to manufacture Touch Screen Monitor for many years.

Base on 4 wire Resistive Touch Screen production principle to produce Resistive Multi-Touch. Support five points touch and is provided with the linear accuracy of 4 wire Resistive Touch Screen. Customized-made Resistive Multi-Touch and range of size is 8.4” to 22”.

Our products are widely applied to various applications. We ensure that our products would always maintain in reasonable price but high quality.

Mechanical Properties
Activation Force Surface Hardness FPC Peeling Strength
100 g f, 8R silicon rubber 15~70g 500g
Electrical Performance
Connector Resistance Insulation Resistance Linearity FPC Bending Strength
8kΩ < X Axis <15kΩ
kΩ < Y Axis <9kΩ
> 20MΩ  X Axis:±1.5%
 Y Axis:±1.5%
10 times / R1mm angle 500g (180°)
Optical Performance
Total Light Transmittance
Environmental Requirement
Operation Temperature (℃) Storage Temperature (℃)
-10 ℃~ 60℃,< 90%RH -20℃ ~ 70℃,< 90%RH
Environment Test
High Temperature Test 70℃ / 240 hr
Low Temperature Test -20℃ / 240 hr
Temperature and Humidity Test 60℃ 90% RH / 240hr
Repetition of High and Low Temperature and Test -20℃~ 70℃ 85%RH / 10cycleshr

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Model Number Size Outside Dimension (mm) View Area (mm) Active Area (mm) Specification
SE-104N1-MPX 10.4" 227.4x174.0 214.55x162.2 231.0x160.2 PDF
The material, specification and feature are subject to change without prior notice for the standard products as above. Please contact with Super Elite directly for the latest product details. Thank you.
5 wire T/P
5 wire T/P
  • No interference caused by quick switch as 4 wire, so the noise is small.
  • Still can work normally even the conductive coating at the top is broken, and the linear tolerance still is 1.5%.
  • The lifetime of 5 wires is double as longer as 4 wires.