Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

  • Custom-design is available.
  • 2 in 1-PCAP combines with Clear Heater could be anti-fog and remain the display normally.
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  • ※Specifications are subject to change without notice. 
    ※Please contact our sales representative should you require detailed specifications.
Design Size  7"~42"
Structure Glass/Film/Film & Glass/Film & Film/Film
Cover Lens(Glass Thickness):0.7~5.0mm
Film Thickness:0.1~0.188mm
Support  Linux, Win CE, Win XP, Win 7, Meego, Win 8, Win 10
Interface  USB, UART, I2C
Function 2~10 point touch
Input mode Finger
Sweat Effect Can be provided against sweat.

Click "PDF" to download PDF specifications.
Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Standard
Model No. Specification Size Outside
View Area
Glass Structure Finger Remark
SE-070C2-M PDF 7" 178.1x114.5 154.1x90.5 1.1mm G/F/F 10
SE-101C2-M PDF 10.1" 261.7x164.2 223.726x126.22 1.1mm G/F/F 10 COB
SE-116C1-M PDF 11.6" 289.5x201.3 258.13x146 1.8mm G/F/F 4
SE-121C4-M PDF 12.1" 282.2x184.5 262.52x164.4 1.1mm G/F/F 10
SE-121C4-M(Heater) PDF 12.1" 282.2x184.5 262.52x164.4 1.1mm G/F/F 10
SE-122C2-M PDF 12.2" 289.0x227.5 249.0x187.5 1.6mm G/F/F 10
SE-150C1-M PDF 15" 354.4x278.3 305.8x229.7 1.8mm G/F/F 4
SE-185C1-M PDF 18.5" 462x275.6 412x232.6 1.8mm G/F/F 4
SE-185C2-M PDF 18.5" 438.3x271.45 411.6x232 1.8mm G/F/F 4
SE-190C2-M PDF 19" 416.55x348.97 378.32x303.06 1.8mm G/F/F 4
SE-215C5-M PDF 21.5" 527.4x346.0 476.64x268.11 1.8mm G/F/F 4
The material, specification and feature are subject to change without prior notice for the standard products as above. Please contact with Super Elite directly for the latest product details. Thank you.