Anti-fog with heating Type Touch Panel
Anti-fog with heating Type Touch Panel

Anti-fog with heating Type Touch Panel

2 in 1-Touch Panel combines with Clear Heater
Clear Heater (ITO Heater)

Anti-fog with heating Type Touch Panel:
  • Touch Panel with Clear Heater sticking could be anti-fog and remain the display normally. Through the experiment to prove when LCD in lower temperature will be happened to wrong reading, respond lately and lose sense of reality. When Touch Panel is combined with Clear Heater to raise environment temperature, LCD could be kept -10 ℃ above, and to recover the working normally and pressure sensitively.

  • The basic material for Clear Heater is PET, thickness is 0.2mm and is transparent, good for heat conduction, sticking with Touch Panel completely, assembling easily and is the best application to advance functions of products.

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Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Standard
Model No. Specification Size Outside
View Area
Glass Structure Finger Remark
SE-121C4-M(Heater) PDF 12.1" 282.2x184.5 262.52x164.4 1.1mm G/F/F 10
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