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Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. Is a Touch Panel (Touch Screen) professional manufacturer. We have 4 wire, 5 wire, 8 wire, Multi-Touch analog resistive type of many sizes Touch Panel (Touch Screen) and controller. The EL lamp and LCD heater also are ones of our products. Super Elite has strong RD team, insist unleaded manufacturing process and got many inventing patents of Taiwan, China, United States, Japan, Korea, and Germany etc for years. Super Elite’s target is for excellent quality and leading technology and also wins long-term trust and positive from customers based on the target .

Automatic Touch Panel in Taiwan

Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. - Worldwide Leader in manufacturing of automatic touch panel in Taiwan recognized for its reliable performance, energy efficiency and longevity. With an extensive range available in stock and our fast, reliable service and support, Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. makes it easy for you to find and buy what you need. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of automatic touch panel, touch panel for your applications or email us for more information.
Automobile type

4 wire Touch Panel - Automobile type

Description :

As a leading Manufacturer of Touch Panel, we provide first-rate Car Touch Panel that meets specific technical and performance requirements.

  • The product of Super Elite. Automobile Touch Panel, it is highly above 100 cycles for Thermal shock -40℃~ 110℃ testing.
  • Custom-design is available. We could design touch panel by different material matches for customer's request and price depends on material.
  • We provide many kinds of touch panel in many different size, please contact us if you are interested.
  • EL Lamp & Clear Heater products
  • ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    ※Please contact our sales representative should you require detailed specifications

Specification :

Mechanical Properties
Surface hardness Operation Pressure Faceplate Surface ITO Glass
>3H 25~50g Anti-glare coating 1.1 mm
Electrical Performance
Resistance Insulation Resistance Linearity Operating Voltage
200Ω ~ 900Ω > 20MΩ @25V DC ±1.5%↓ 5V DC
Optical Performance
 Light Transmittance
Environmental Requirement
Operation Temperature (℃) Storage Temperature (℃)
-40 ~ 90 -40 ~ 90
Environment Test
Thermal shock test -40℃ ~110
Endurance Test strikes Over 1 million

Click "PDF" to download PDF specifications.
Model Number Outside Dimension (mm) Active Area (mm) Inch Specification
SE-AC8366M 83.9x66.02mm 73.56x55.32mm 3.6" PDF
SE-AC15790 157.0x90.3mm 145.7x80.7mm 6.5" PDF
SE-065A1-4PS 153.0x90.3mm 143.7x78.7mm 6.5" PDF
SE-068A1-4PX 164.8x99.0mm 150.8x83.7mm 6.8" PDF
SE-AC168100M 168x100mm 154.1x86.6mm 7" PDF
SE-AC164101M 164.9x101.08mm 157.08x89.58mm 7" PDF
SE-AN0804M 188.9x129.5mm 172x141.7mm 8.4" PDF
The material, specification and feature are subject to change without prior notice for the standard products as above. Please contact with Super Elite directly for the latest product details. Thank you.
4 wire T/P
4 wire T/P

Applications :

  • OA Equipments:
    Electric Typewriter, Word Processor, Copier, Time Clock and Test Sticker Machine.
  • Communication Equipments:
    Net TV, Internet Game Console, STB, ISDN Telephone, FAX Machine, LED Panel , Voice Recorder, Pager and Smart Phone.
  • Household Appliances:
    Portable LCD TV, Video Recorder, AV equipment and Remote Controller.
  • Entertainment Appliances:
    Electric Piano, Palm Gamer and Language Learning Machine.
  • IA Products:
    Calculator, Electric Clock, Camera, Translator, Electric Manual, Palm PC, PDA, MP3, Player, Wearable PC and Web Pad.
  • Medical Instruments:
    Electric Blood Meter, Electric Thermometer and Electric Scale.
  • Measuring Instruments:
    Electric multimeter, logical analyzer, sound meter, light meter and thermograph.
  • Automobile instruments:
    DVD of GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) multimedia host for Automobile.

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In addition to providing the best products possible, Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. stands behind their products by providing the best technical support and customer service in the industry. Our automatic touch panel is fabricated using premium quality materials that are tested for their efficiency and durability. Our company offers a range of touch panel that is high in quality at affordable prices. Super Elite Technology Co., Ltd. wants to provide you with a quality product on a timely basis that you can install with confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our cost-effective package programs and volume pricing.